Common Questions

Q)    Why is this site full of mis-spellings?  Color is written as colour everywhere, and there are a lot of other words that seem wrong throughout the site.

A)    You're American aren't you.  This site is largely based upon English spellings and grammar, since most of the contributors are English. (Well, British anyway).

Q)    Doesn't that put US Subscribers at a disadvantage? 

A)    It shouldn't.  The puzzles themselves contain answers in both US and English spellings, in order to make things fairer, and to give the puzzle setters the widest range of choices to work with.

Q)    What are cookies, why do you use them, are they safe, and what should I do about them?

A)    That's quite a large question.  So we've provided a complete discussion of cookies here.

Q)    I'm asked to provide personal information (and my credit card number) when signing up for this site - is it safe?

A)    Yes.  We are using strong encryption when transmitting the information over the internet, and we have taken a number of precautions including encryption to protect the information at the server.  The programs that process your personal information run at the server, not at your browser, and we have taken steps to avoid exposing our internal databases and files to the internet itself.  For more information, please check out our privacy statement.

Q)    You seem to be building up quite a body of knowledge on this site - where did it come from, and who owns the copyright?

A)    The contributors have researched the body of knowledge in a huge variety of sources.  Where copyright belongs to external sources, this is acknowledged.  Otherwise, the material is copyright Lexcentrics Ltd.  If you become aware that we are unwittingly in violation of anyone's copyright, or have accidentally left off an acknowledgement, please notify us, and we will promptly correct this.

More detailed information is given in our copyright statement.


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