Cookies - the facts.

Cookies are small text files, held in a special location, that can be written or read by small programs (called scripts) that are included in web pages that you view.  Cookies are actually a security measure, designed to allow these scripts to store information between one visit to a site and the next, without having to allow the scripts to read or write the rest of your hard disk.

There are two types of cookie - temporary and persistent.

Cookies represent no security risk to your computer, personal information, or the information or files held on your computer.  Any information that a script can write to a cookie could just as easily be sent directly to the server.

Information held in cookies for one site cannot be read by another site.

Cookies DO make it easier for certain site owners (shopping sites for example) to track your browsing patterns on their site from one visit to the next.  You may consider this an invasion of privacy.  However, please remember that it only simplifies the tracking - they can track you whether you have cookies installed or not.

Cookies are very small (a cookie cannot use more than 4KB of disk space), and your browser has built-in limits on how many cookies it will allow before deleting the old ones and re-using the disk space.  Cookies cannot go wild and eat up your disk space!

This site uses cookies in two ways:
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