A note on the Jokes

The site contains a places where jokes or light-hearted comments are shown.  These jokes are often randomly selected from a database - not individually pre-selected by the page authors.

If ever we become aware of a circumstance in which certain jokes are likely to cease to be acceptable, for example following a disaster, we will seek to make sure that such jokes are stopped.

This may take a while - we may not be aware of any such disaster for some time, and once we are, someone must scan the database, manually removing those that are inappropriate to the circumstances.

It is never our intention to cause offence, and we apologise in advance if ever we accidentally fail to remove a joke, or if the joke is displayed before we have chance to remove it.

We cannot of course know of individual personal circumstances,  and we apologise if a joke should ever cause offence in a particular instance.

If you feel that a particular joke is generally unacceptable, please let us know, and we will gladly remove it.

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