Meet...  Oramancer

I am Oramancer,

weaver of words and spinner of doubt.

Words are my life, particularly words like "Chocolate cake, please."

My roots are in a land far to the south, but I have made my life in the British Isles.

I have led a varied and eclectic life, having worked in civil engineering, frozen fish, dairy products, journalism and local government.

For some years now I have owned a half-finished novel - my feeling is that I gave it enough of a head start, and it ought to be able to finish itself from here.

I have three children, now grown-up (or so they say - I have yet to see much evidence of it); I currently share my life with one small dog, who takes the same laid-back attitude to exercise as I do myself - and you may interpret "laid-back" metaphorically or literally, just as you please.

I enjoy some music, most books, and practically anything with chocolate icing.


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