Meet... SiteSeer

I am SiteSeer -

the reader of "The Tao of Programming", technophile, technomage, web author, marketeer, graphic artist, and chef - my recipe for Chocolate Cream Pie (it begins with 1lb of dark chocolate, 1lb of milk chocolate, 1/2lb of bitter chocolate and a pint of double cream) is a secret and will only be published here if someone asks me.

I work (or try to) at home, around the problems of sharing my office with a wife and two teenage children - who seem to think that it's a living room just because there's the comfortable chairs and the television in here.

I am of medium build and height - which is to say that if you stand me between the Quadramage and the Oramancer,  I'm the "i" in the word "oil" that the three of us make up.

My life is spent wondering about the meaning of Life, the Universe and everything, and having passed 42 some years back, I long ago came to the conclusion that Adams was wrong.

I still don't know just how did I get into this?

Since University, I had seen the Quadramage only once in over twenty years, and spoken to him only five times in that period.  He lives in the wilds of Scotland (literally), I live in Southwest England.

I'd never met or spoken to the Oramancer. 

Then suddenly one day out of the blue, there's a phone call - "We've had a great idea - we want to provide an online puzzle playing service - can you make the technical and design parts work?"

Some serious slog later, this is the result.  I hope you have as much fun using it as I've had developing it.


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