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The List of Lists

On this part of the site, you will find a compact and growing body of general knowledge - useful for puzzle-solving,  home study and general browsing.  This area is growing rapidly, so be sure to visit often.

From history to science, from arts to geography, our lists will contain a huge number of facts linking many disciplines in a small, easy-to-use format, with links to Web sites or books providing in-depth coverage.

Ideal for quick reference when filling in Crosswords, or as an aid to home study, our List of Lists represents a key, and rapidly growing, quick reference source.

At present, the list is a mixed grab-bag of things that interested us, with a strong bias towards information commonly used in various types of crossword or puzzle.  As time goes on, the list of lists will be expanded, to make it as generally useful as possible.

We already have several more pages and sections under development, and will publish these as soon as the content has been checked.


1) Links to any other site do not constitute endorsement of that site by Lexcentrics Ltd., or vice-versa.
2) This is not an academic site, nor are we academics.  We have taken great care in building the list of lists, but we have generally tried to make it easy to use and read, rather than seeking academic rigour.
3) All information has been gathered from multiple sources and cross-checked between sources for accuracy.  In certain cases where published sources disagree, we have either taken the one that appears most authoritative, or amalgamated results from multiple sources.
4) While we take great care in researching our lists' sources, Lexcentrics do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage due to inaccuracies - we will however seek to correct any errors reported to us as quickly as possible.
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