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...to the wonderful Web Wide World of Cryptic Crosswords.

Cryptic Crosswords are the wordgame for the twenty-first century. Fun, fascinating, infuriating and challenging, crosswords are infinitely adaptable to fit into anybody’s lifestyle. Work your way through a crossword from beginning to end – or do a clue or two here and there over a coffee break or on a journey. A crossword is a complete and finished thing, and the satisfaction of filling in the last solution and knowing that this time you have beaten the compiler is beyond belief – but each clue is self-contained and you can’t “lose the thread” by picking it up and putting it down, doing odd clues at odd moments in a busy schedule.

This site will tell you everything you need to know to solve cryptic crosswords – a tutorial, sample crosswords (including one where we will ‘talk through’ the clues to show you how it’s done), notes on the types of clues you’re likely to meet, and lists of useful information. When you’re ready to move on – or, of course, if you’re already one of the legions of crossword solvers – try our selection of crosswords. At fifteen squares by fifteen, they are full-size crosswords comparable in standard to those that appear in the daily press.

If you’re already familiar with Cryptic Crosswords, you can go straight to the puzzle pages. If you want to find out more about the world of cruciverbalism, go to “About Cryptic Crosswords”.  

If you are new to cryptic crosswords, you'd perhaps better start with our Tutorial

If you feel you'd just like to refresh your skills, try one of our worked examples.

Our walk-through pages contain two free crosswords for you to try,  with the answers available so that you can check how well you're doing.

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