A Tutorial Crossword

For this first crossword, we’ll study and talk through the clues and write the solutions in the grid.

Of course, when you come to work on crosswords by yourself, you don’t need to start at 1 Across and work your way through to the final Down clue. Most people skim through the clues and fill in the ones that spring to mind; then use the “checked” letters (that is, letters which appear in both an Across and a Down solution) to help them.

For example, once you’ve filled in 1 Across in this crossword, you know the starting letters for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Down.

All the solutions are given here. Read through the clues and the explanations, and look at the logic behind them. When they make sense, write them in the correct space on the grid and watch your crossword come to life.

Click on any clue text for a full description of how that clue is solved.


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1  He might tug awkwardly, or just hold me (3,2,5)

7  Having discourse with a short tall monarch (7)

8  A book about a fox and a lion who lost their tails (5)

10  Not one of them sounds like a good woman (4)

11  Accuse again about cine dirt(8)

13  Hen talk? What a laugh! (6)

15  The peal of bells in the church makes me wince (6)

17  Teachings about the deluge reveal a double-cross (8)

18  Pool is just stupid – let’s play another game! (4)

21  Teenager is inside, you think (5)

22  Irish in a brook with no ducks went absolutely crazy! (7)

23  At the very heart, the heart has stopped beating (4,6)


1  Is that a saintly radiance to the north? No, just gas (5)

2  Coarse sand displays remarkable qualities of endurance (4)

3  One is inside, on the right, and a little more nervous (6)

4  Baby soldiers? (8)

5  He’s a wicked man – he has a left over lion (7)

6  Friend from a homogeneous group does things according to his own cultural tradition (10)

9  Shipwrecked Scotch? (2,3,5)

12  Bled, with ache inside, and turned pale (8)

14  Whoop it up in a vehicle floating on a Yorkshire river (7)

16  Points to a sailor the French assist (6)

19  Daisy gets amorous glances from a bullock (2,3)

20  The speed at which an actionable breach of duty is returned? (4)

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