And Finally...

Now, shall we go back to our original example and see what we can make of it with what we now know?

We had already dissected it into five elements:

Let’s analyse each element in turn:


CA – a standard abbreviation (Chartered Accountant).

adds just a linking word - but it does suggest that the elements should be appended to each other as they are worked out.


LI – 51 in Roman numerals.

and linking - still suggesting appending the elements.

a hundred

C – another Roman numeral.

and arrives at linking - but it also suggests that the next element is the last, and that any further elements are the definition, or at least that they relate to the whole word.


O – nothing; a very popular one, this!


the definition:  CA + LI + C + O

So the answer is CALICO - which is a material.

Are you getting the hang of it?  
  Now  we’ll try a real crossword together.  

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