Tutorial Crossword No.2

This time the clues are given just as you will see them on a standard cryptic crossword. Try and solve them on your own! Remember to read through all the clues and fill in anything you can solve immediately, and then try the words leading off from the solutions you have – the checked letters should provide you with help. If you need further assistance, try looking at our Other Help pages.

Click on any clue text for a full description of how that clue is solved.


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Good luck!



1 High-tech China painting? (5,2,3,3)

9 Mistake a worker on a quest (6)

10 Anger a theologian at heart with a conundrum (6)

11 He is immersed in rum - that'll get him a discharge! (5)

12 Rush around, Bambi (4)

14 Chaldean city has each part of micturation (4)

15 Fold in ample attire (5)

18 Meadow full of wild life - and death, briefly (5)

19 Stop and be stable (5)

20 A large number are in the plot to strike (5)

21 The oneness of one before the Fourth of July (5)

22 I leave the artist, though he's a great man (5) 

23 Great tea, I hear - and that's just the beginning (5)

26 Dirty, cracked weld (4) 

28 Throw article in dish I have left (4)

30 Finally immerse a medical man coming to confess (5)

31 Peruse again a dearer collection (6)

32 Fold down canine organ (3,3)   

33 U.S. chap as Churchill, say (13)


2 Short trees chopped down (5)

3 Catch in French snare (6)

4 Turns loose, I hear, and stand dead still (6)

5 Crab in a mobile home? (6)

6 It's a condition of being on horseback (5)

7 Period of time encompassing Christmas, Epiphany,  Easter and the Ascension? (4,2,3,4)

8 How great is the distance between the Lone Star State and the southern tip of S. America? Never mind, just steer! (5,8)

13 Expanded, it did, around the dead (7)

14 Initially the United Nations made the attempt, but were never brought to book (7)

16 Illuminated about a thousand and one, no more (5)

17 Stare in confusion at blossom (5)

23 A seat for a clergyman in the sale? (6)

24 Moan incoherently about American city - under an assumed name! (6)

25 Just one hamstring among ten donkeys (6)

27 Fight back onto the street - it's never been this bad (5)

29 It's a very long time in politics (1,4)


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