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Lexcentrics is currently working on a major reorganisation of our site, content and puzzles for later this year.  While we are preparing our new products and site content, users will find that we are not updating our site as often as we have done in the past.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do hope that as new content and design appear, you will enjoy the benefit of all our hard work.

Please check this site regularly for announcements on progress and timescales.


This is the list of free cryptic crossword puzzles currently available.
Click on any puzzle to display it.

Published Answers Comment Id
1 May 2007 8 May 2007   25A056
1 Apr 2007 8 Apr 2007   24A055
1 Mar 2007 8 Mar 2007   23A054
1 Feb 2007 8 Feb 2007   22A053
1 Jan 2007 8 Jan 2007   21A052
1 Dec 2006 8 Dec 2006   20A051
1 Nov 2006 8 Nov 2006   07A065
1 Oct 2006 8 Oct 2006   06A064


New puzzles are added on the first day of each month,  and the most recent 8 puzzles are available at any time.

Answers will normally be available 1 week after a puzzle is first shown.  The date on which answers will be/have been released is shown in the "answers" column above.

If you have any queries relating to a puzzle, please feel free to contact us; please ensure that you specify the ID number relating to the puzzle and its publication date.

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