Some Useful Sites

This page lists sites that are interesting and useful, that have not quite made it to our list of "definitive" reference sites.

Ratings on this page are subjective, and based upon the results we got during our own (often superficial) tests.  If you disagree, why not email our feedback page and tell us?

Guinness Book of Records

Longest, tallest, shortest, thinnest, oldest, newest, fastest, slowest,...  it's Guinness - what more can we say?  Well, I may be wrong, but it doesn't seem to be the whole GBR online - no matter how I tried it, my attempts to search for 100 metre sprint champions gave no results.  Also the site seems unreasonably biased towards the US audience (in sports for example, NFL football information is given BEFORE you get to the international sports), and it seems to concentrate much more on the WOW! factor than on actual detailed information.


Quite a good selection (not as complete, or as well annotated as some of the books on the subject), but the navigation is weak, and it could use an index by the last word of the first line.  Oh - and a neat jokes list.



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