Day-To-Day Links

UK Weather:

UK Meteorological Office - the definitive UK weather source.

BBC Weather pages - nicely presented & easy to use.

Look up a UK phone number

BT Phonenet - easy to use, and if you have free internet, MUCH cheaper than directory enquiries.  Also links to detailed street maps for specific addresses.

UKPhoneBook.com - again easy to use, with a good map link facility.  Directory also gives web site, email, fax, etc., if these have been provided.

Get a map of a UK street area

Multimap - excellent zoomable online maps of the UK, Europe and the world.  Scales right down to local street maps, and will provide instructions for travel between any two locations...   The instructions seem generally useful, but on a couple of tests they were incorrect or missed out some vital step of navigation.   The maps however seem to be good.

Find information about a (British) company

Companies House - contains a searchable database of company names, and lists legally disqualified directors.  There is also a link here to a site for checking the availability of trademarks.

Check the Trains

Railtrack - well, when it's wrong it is at least DEFINITIVELY wrong...

Virgin Trains - Branson strikes again.

If anyone wants to send us the web addresses for their local rail company, please feel free.

General sources of information

MSN - Microsoft's MSN portal is really quite good.  You can tailor the appearance of the main page to your preferences, and the coverage of news and business information is excellent.


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