Computer-related Links

Computer Industry News

The Register - its superficially light-hearted approach misleads - it is one of the most detailed records of what is happening in the industry that I have found.  Look out for the comedy section - B.O.F.H.

The Inquirer - Another excellent general news source covering a wide spread of the IT industry.

Silicon.com - An excellent source with a more serious approach than the Register.

Get the truth about IT Security

CERT - the Computer Emergency Response Team - the central clearing house for all security alerts, problems and incidents.

Keep your Windows up-to-date

Microsoft Windows Update - a free Microsoft service that downloads the latest patches into your system.

Shareware and software downloads

Downloads.com - an excellent site, full of masses of downloadable software - shareware, freeware and commercial.  Some of my best software purchases have been found through this site.


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