A REVERSAL can be viewed as a special kind of anagram. Usually indicated by a word such as ‘backwards’, ‘reversing’ or 'mirror'; for example,

(“Halt” is the definition in this case; “reversing vessels” are “reversing pots” or STOP. Notice the use of the word “vessels” – did you see these as ships travelling backwards? A deliberate attempt to mislead you! But perfectly legal, because vessels can also be pots.)

A particular kind of reversal, of course, is the PALINDROME, a word or phrase which reads the same backwards as forwards, such as KAYAK, LEVEL, or even PULL UP IF I PULL UP. Indicators for palindromes say things like ‘either way’ or ‘whichever way you look at it’.

(“Badly” is the anagram indicator, and an anagram of “prepare” is “repaper” – which means, whichever way you look at it, to get new wallcovering.)

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