Bridges and Burials

A BRIDGE occurs when the word you’re looking for covers the end of one word in the clue and the beginning of the next; usually indicated by a word such as ‘in’ or ‘inside’:

(“Shudder” is the definition; “in” indicates a bridge; and the bridge is “greaT  REMORse”.)

A really sophisticated bridge could be word end – short word – word beginning, such as

(“Painful” is the definition; “in” is the indicator for a bridge; and here it is: “kneeS OR Elbows”.) 

But ‘in’ and ‘inside’ can also indicate a BURIAL, where a complete word or syllable is ‘buried’ inside another; in DENOTED, for example, NOT is ‘buried’ inside DEED – DE(NOT)ED. At the same time, of course, DEED is ‘outside’ or ‘around’ NOT. (But ‘around’ could also indicate an anagram – you just have to figure it out for yourself!)   See also Deletions

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