Graeco-Roman Gods

This page lists some of the major Greek and Roman Gods in a table, showing the equivalences where the Greeks and Romans used different names to refer fundamentally to the same God.

For a more detailed view of Roman or Greek mythology, you may care to visit the Encyclopaedia Mythica.

Zeus  Jupiter  Chief of the gods; God of the sky
Hera  Juno  Chief of the goddesses; goddess of marriage and childbirth
Apollo  Apollo  God of prophecy, youth, music; appeared as the sun
Helios    God of the sun
   Mithras  God of the sun and regeneration
Ares  Mars  God of war
   Bellona  Goddess of war
Aphrodite  Venus  Goddess of love and beauty
Eros  Cupid  God of love
Artemis  Diana  Goddess of fertility and hunting
Hermes  Mercury  Messenger of the gods
Athene  Minerva  Goddess of wisdom
Demeter  Ceres  Goddess of the harvest
Dionysus  Bacchus  God of wine and ecstacy
Hephaestus  Vulcan  God of fire
Poseidon  Neptune  God of the sea
Hades  Pluto  God of the underworld
Persephone  Proserpine  Goddess of the underworld
Hestia  Vesta  Goddess of the hearth
Nike  Victoria  Goddess of victory
Selene  Luna  Goddess of the moon
Arethusa  Egreria  Goddess of springs and fountains
Thanatos  Orcus  God of death
   Libitina  Goddess of funeral rites
Cronus    God of the universe; father of Zeus
Rhea    Mother goddess, wife of Cronus
Nemesis    God of destiny
   Fortuna  Goddess of chance and fate
Adonis    God of vegetation and rebirth
   Saturn  God of fertility and agriculture
   Liber Pater  God of agricultural and human fertility
   Silvanus  God of trees and forests
   Pomona  Goddess of fruit trees
   Fauna  Goddess of fertility
   Flora  Goddess of fruitfulness and flowers
Pan    God of male sexuality and of herds
   Janus  God of entrances, travel, the dawn
Eos    Goddess of the dawn
   Lares  Gods of the house
   Penates  Gods of food and drink
Aeolus    God of the winds
Boreus    God of the north wind
Asclepius    God of healing
Cybele    Goddess of the earth
Gaia    Goddess of the earth
Ganymede    God of rain
Iris    Goddess of the rainbow
Hypnos    God of sleep
Morpheus    God of dreams
   Fides  God of honesty
Hebe    Goddess of youth
   Epona  Goddess of horses
Nereus    God of the sea
Oceanus    God of the river Oceanus
Atlas    A Titan who bears up the earth
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