Fifty key painters in Western Art

(Necessarily a personal choice - our apologies if you disagree!)

c1240-1302  CIMABUE  The Crucifix, St John, Madonna and Child
1267-1337  GIOTTO di Bondone  St Francis Preaching to the Birds, Madonna and Child
?-1441  van EYCK, Jan  The Arnolfini Marriage
c1390-1455  Fra ANGELICO  Noli Me Tangere, Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven
c1445-1510  BOTTICELLI, Sandro  The Birth of Venus, Venus and Mars, The Mystical Nativity
c1450-1516  BOSCH, Hieronymous  The Garden of Earthly Delights, Hell, Last Judgement
1452-1519  LEONARDO da VINCI  Mona Lisa, Virgin of the Rocks, The Last Supper
1471-1528  DURER, Albrecht  Self-Portrait, Melancholia I, The Festival of the Rose Garlands
1475-1564  MICHELANGELO Buonarotti  The Sistine Chapel frescoes
1483-1520  RAPHAEL (Raffaello Sanzio)  The School of Athens, The Sistine Madonna
1487-1576  TITIAN  Sacred and Profane Love, The Venus of Urbino
c1525-1569  BRUEGEL, Pieter  Hunters in the Snow, Tower of Babel
c1572-1610  CARAVAGGIO, Michelangelo  Supper at Emmaus, Conversion of St Paul, Bacchus
1606-1669  REMBRANDT (Harmensz van Rijn)  The Anatomy Lesson, Portrait of the Artist
1632-1675  VERMEER, Johannes  View of Delft, The Love Letter, The Lacemaker
1697-1768  CANALETTO, Antonio  The Grand Canal, Venice, A Regatta on the Grand Canal
1703-1770  BOUCHER, Francois  Madame de Pompadour, Woman at Her Toilette
1724-1806  STUBBS, George  Mares and Foals in a Landscape, Lion Devouring a Horse
1727-1788  GAINSBOROUGH, Thomas  The Blue Boy, Mr and Mrs Andrews
1732-1806  FRAGONARD, Jean-Honore  The Swing, The Stolen Kiss
1746-1828  GOYA, Francisco  Naked Maja, Execution of the Defenders of Madrid 3rd May 1808
1748-1825  DAVID, Jacques-Louis  Death of Marat, Napoleon Crossing the Alps
1775-1851  TURNER, James Mallord William  Rain, Steam and Speed, Venice, The Fighting Temeraire
1776-1837  CONSTABLE, John  The Haywain, Dedham Lock and Mill, Salisbury Cathedral
1802-1873  LANDSEER, Sir Edwin  The Monarch of the Glen, Dignity and Impudence
1814-1875  MILLET, Jean-Francois  The Gleaners, The Angelus
1821-1893  BROWN, Ford Madox  The Last of England, Work
1827-1910  HUNT, William Holman  The Light of the World, The Scapegoat
1828-1882  ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel  Beata Beatrix, Found, Girlhood of Mary Virgin
1829-1896  MILLAIS, Sir John Everett  Ophelia, Lorenzo and Isabella
1830-1903  PISSARRO, Camille  The Hermitage at Pontoise, Woman in an Orchard
1832-1883  MANET, Edouard  Luncheon on the Grass, Bar at the Folies Bergere
1834-1903  WHISTLER, James Abbot MacNeill  Portrait of the Artist's Mother, Nocturne in Black and Gold
1834-1917  DEGAS, Edgar  The Ballet Rehearsal, At the Races
1839-1906  CEZANNE, Paul  Bathers, Mont Sainte-Victoire
1840-1926  MONET. Claude  Waterlilies, Lady with Parasol, Rouen Cathedral
1841-1919  RENOIR, Pierre-Auguste  The Boating Party, Bathers, Les Parapluies
1853-1890  van GOGH, Vincent  Sunflowers, Self-Portrait, The Artist's Room in Arles
1859-1891  SEURAT, Georges  Bathers at Asnieres, The Can-Can
1862-1918  KLIMT, Gustav  The Kiss, Judith
1863-1944  MUNCH, Edvard  The Scream
1872-1944  MONDRIAN, Piet  Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue
1881-1973  PICASSO, Pablo  Guernica, Weeping Woman
1887-1976  LOWRY, Lawrence Stephen  Coming From the Mill, Industrial Landscape
1887-1986  O'KEEFFE, Georgia  Black Iris, Cow's Skull with Calico Roses
1898-1967  MAGRITTE, Rene  The Treachery of Images, The Human Condition
1904-1989  DALI, Salvador  The Persistence of Memory, Soft Construction with Boiled Beans
1912-1956  POLLOCK, Jackson  Yellow Island, Full Fathom Five
1923-1997  LICHTENSTEIN, Roy  Whaam!, In The Car
1928-1987  WARHOL, Andy  Marilyn, Campbell's Soup, Green Coca-Cola Bottles
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